From France to Norway

Yesterday I patiently listened to Norwegian folk songs. I am afraid it just wasn’t my thing and then suddenly out of nowhere I remembered Grieg and how I had listened to my parent’s Peer Gynt album from a very young age.  I adored the story(A translation of the story witten by Norwegian  Henrik Ibsen  is available Here )and the music. Hall of the Mountain King was my initial favourite but I  grew to love the whole album over the period of several years. It helps of course that I love ballet. A love that I have not been able to pass on to my youngsters, despite having taken them to see a famous Russian ballet company perform.

As I  now listen to Peer Gynt’s Suites 1& 2 Norwegian Forests are conjured up in my mind. I am transported back to my childhood bedroom,  listening to an old record player.

In the days prior to You Tube, I had not dreamed the whole ballet would be able to be readily watched online.



What an amazing introduction to my Norwegian week. I am starting to really enjoy researching my new blog. (12)

Today I am French

This morning I have started my day by listening to French accordion music

I am listening to it as I write this.

It has put me in a really good mood already. So now I am a Francophile, gerbil- loving fan of turquoise. My daughter thinks I have gone weird(on the bright side I now know she didn’t think I was weird before) and I think I may have overdone the gerbil talk- yesterday she wanted one, not so much today..

Can’t wait to see my search engine’s recommendations today. I am beginning to think creating an alter ego may actually be good for me. Yesterday I watched a Ted talk about Alzheimer’s. Seems one of the best defences is to keep learning new things,

Please check out the links belowWhat you can do to prevent Alzheimers

My initial suspicions seem to be proving correct. I am feeling years younger already. Yesterday I saw a gerbil being taken for a walk. However the biggest revelation for me so far is still that gerbils can be toilet-trained, The people teaching many of these new things are actually teenagers. I look back on my own teenage years and wonder if I would have felt confident enough to teach people anything. I am very impressed with some of these young people for having the foresight to share their knowledge and maybe help to open a few closed minds..



My First Search as my A.E.

8;36 Just discovered there is a book called The Turquoise War(who knew?)

It features gerbils! My eyes are being opened already.

Wow and there was me thinking all cages were the same and likely to feature a hamster wheel.

94 best images for gerbil cages

There is even a multistorey one.

8;50 My first venture on You Tube.

Apparently gerbils like something called cholla. Just watched a gerbil tucking into it here

Now I have discovered  Peeper & Snapple


Think I am falling in love with gerbils already..

Oh dear now I have just encountered the dark side of gerbil life.

Rose wants my gerbils.(This is getting exciting already. I just became somebody’s 12th view!


I can’t believe this I am already becoming emotionally invested. Just checked to see if there was a follow-up video.

Rose ate my gerbil

No it’s ok. Although I did find this one about a gerbil eating its own tail!

No too graphic for me.. I don’t want to traumatise anybody-don’t think I’ll share the link.

Change subject.

Now how about repairing the iphone.

Wow just found this:


Who knows where all this will lead?

This video on the subject has 24000 views.

Obviously dropping your iphone in the toilet is not uncommon..